group breathwork.

I love group breathwork sessions! Listening to collective currents, I set a theme for the week to help open us up to any healing that we may need around that topic. The great thing about breathwork is that whether your healing relates to the topic or not, you will release whatever stuck energy is ready to go, and healing will happen anyways.

We use a two part breath for this work. This type of breath is considered an active meditation. All you need to do is to focus on the rhythm of the breath, and stay committed to that rhythm! You may experience sensations of tingling, vibrating, hands closing involuntarily, warmth, or chills. This is completely normal, and just you becoming aware of  your own energy, how it feels in your body, and how it may be stuck. It's ok to take small breaks during the session and just breath in your natural rhythm. When you're ready, simply return back into the rhythm.


A group session is typically 75 mins, and starts with a brief check in before you get comfortable and ready to breath. I have a unique playlist each week, and all you need to do is be willing to stay with the rhythm of the breath and willing to follow any cues I give like yelling, laughing, stomping, or saying certain affirmations out loud. The whole intention here is to move stuck energy! 

Due to Covid-19, I am offering these sessions online. The awesome thing about that (YAY! Something awesome about Covid!) is you can take these classes from anywhere! You just need a space where you can lie down comfortably and not be disturbed for the duration of the class. These are great to take with your partner from home as well! You will be invited to turn off your camera, and I will mute everyone while you breath. 

These classes are donation based, with an average of $35 per class per person being donated. You can send payment via Venmo to @Jenny-Peni, or PayPal to Right now I am offering a weekly class on Thursday nights at 7pm PST. Hit the link below to register!

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